On the road…

Just made this a sticky post to bring it back up and remind people. I’m not around this week.

As of today (Jan 28), I’m on the road for a week, traveling via van (complete with futon in the back, so that I might rest).

My iatrogenesis is such that I cannot fly. I cannot be on my feet or even upright for any length of time still and the airport and a plane, too, would be close to impossible.

I am traveling several hundred miles, out of state, to visit yet another medical practitioner. This one has the blessing of this doctor who has been helping me.

I am making note of this as I won’t be able to stay on top of more timely news while I am gone and the content of the blog will reflect that.

There will be daily posts in any case as I’ve prescheduled one or two posts daily for the length of the trip. I may or may not have time here and there to be online, but it certainly will not be a priority to keep up with any timely news.

Oh! I do have some really good stuff scheduled…so do keep on visiting!!

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