Question authority

I had a thought:

If I ever had any faith in “authorities” it’s all gone now…completely…we are all, regardless of socio-economic status, education, gender or race bumbling along together…here is to us all coming to a profound understanding of that fact.

then I saw this:

The Master was never impressed
by diplomas or degrees.
He scrutinized the person,
not the certificate.He was once heard to say,
“When you have ears to hear
a bird in song, you don’t need
to look at its credentials.

Anthony De Mello,  Authenticity

And from this place of understanding I wrote this article: Medical compliance? Adherence? No. My MDs are my PARTNERS

Real healing, too, in general, comes from this place of deeply knowing we are all equal:  Words for all in the “helping” professions

And it is the bridge between patients and professionals too: Bridging the Patient-Professional Divide

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