Loving yourself: a practice until you die

This is a lifelong process. If you decide to learn to care for yourself, to live your life in compassion, you will be required to practice that until you die. An internal relationship must be worked on and maintained just like an external relationship. And that’s good news! When you fall in love with someone, you don’t say, “Oh, no, how long am I going to have to love this person?” When we’re in love, we love to love that person, and we hope it will last forever. – Cheri Huber

Cheri Huber wrote one of my favorite formative books and I wrote about it here in this post: There is nothing wrong with you. 

From that post:

I’ve known that Cheri Huber identifies somewhat with the label “bipolar” because I once went to a retreat at her center in Mountain View and I’ve met others who know her. What makes her an effective teacher, in part, is that there is a deep understanding about how the phenomena that gets labeled bipolar is part of the normal spectrum of being human and coming to understand it allows one to understand their own humanity and that of others while freeing themselves from whatever suffering it might be causing. (continue reading)

Not surprisingly that was a popular post! We all want to know that there is nothing wrong with us. And learning that from a teacher who intimately understands the human condition and that which we’ve been perhaps told is wrong with us is nothing short of inspiring.

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