Story of harm presented to the American Psychiatric Association and summarily dismissed

Watch the Stories of Harm the APA Refused to Hear: M.S.’s Story. 

This story is important and it happens ALL THE TIME. This sort of downslide into psychiatry that creates further illness rather than helping alleviate the suffering that one first brings to the psychiatrist. It’s disgusting that it’s not recognized. Truly horrifying. Since I’ve started working on this blog I can’t tell you how many hundreds of similar stories I’ve now encountered. The sad part is it happens much more often than is ever recognized. I can actually imagine psychiatric drugs being used responsibly. I can. But that they’re so routinely used with careless disregard means it’s just far too often simply plain dangerous to go see a shrink. This sort of nightmare scenario also happened to me…sucked me in for a good 20 plus years and left me acutely and chronically physically disabled for several years. I’m still recovering. My mind is clear now, thank god, since I disentangled myself and stopped taking the drugs, but my physical well-being is still very poor. We need to stop this from happening to so many people.

M.S. asked the American Psychiatric Association in the ethics complaint she filed to redress the harm done to her by diagnoses from their manual, the DSM, and to prevent future harm to others. The APA summarily dismissed the complaint with no indication of considering its merits, saying that there is no appeal. Although the practitioners treating her were partly to blame, if the DSM were honestly described as largely unscientific and unlikely to help but likely to cause harm, how different her life would have been. Even today, for her to have told her story on the video herself would have been too risky, in light of the way people who have been psychiatrically diagnosed are treated. To see how you can help, go to

For a history of the complaints that were put in front of the American Psychiatric Association’s ethics committee see here: The APA Refuses to Listen to Voices of People Harmed by Diagnosis … and Refuses and Refuses and Refuses, by Paula Caplan

My story on Dr. David Healy’s site: the aftermath of polypsychopharmacology (which also followed being diagnosed with a bogus illness from the DSM, so yes, my journey down this dark rabbit hole also started with a diagnosis that created havoc and harm in my life)

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