Fresh turmeric and fresh ginger (roots for your health) – anti-inflammatory #foodie friday

I use fresh ginger all the time in many foods. Fresh turmeric, on the other had I just found recently at the local Asian market.

I’ve had to stop taking most of my supplements since I discovered the histamine issue. Supplements seem to bother and raise my histamine levels. Not sure if it’s the fillers or the fact that the organic parts are dry and not fresh, or a combination of the two. In any case, I do better with less supplements I’ve found.

So since the turmeric I was using was a supplement or a dried herb powder when I cooked I started looking for a fresh source and found it!

I cook with turmeric and ginger both quite frequently. The larger root above is the ginger and the smaller one is the turmeric. What I’m sharing today though, is a nice hot tea I make to help keep the pain of withdrawal at bay. Both turmeric and ginger as I’ve stated above are highly anti-inflammatory foods. They’re good for everybody’s foundational well-being, too, as Dr. Weil talks about in the video below. They’re not just indicated for pain.

For the tea I grate up some of both these roots:


I put the grated root into a cup or heavy glass and put boiling water over it. In this particular mixture I’ve added fresh ground black pepper since it helps the turmeric bioavailability go up. The last ingredient in this cup of delightful and spicy tea is a wee bit of whole leaf stevia powder. When I say whole leaf, I mean the original GREEN plant in powdered form. Green powder. NOT the white highly processed stuff, nor the clear liquid which is also highly processed. You just need a wee bit of the green powder and I don’t think of it as sugar. Because while it’s sweet, it’s simply not sugar. It’s a herb and it tastes good in this tea.

turmeric, ginger, black pepper tea
turmeric, ginger, black pepper tea

Final product (I drink down all the bits of herbs/spices)
Not such a great picture of the tea, but it’s got a nice hue in any case, eh?

Eating wholesome whole real food is important for body/mind/spirit health and well-being. I’ve written a lot about my adventure with diet and healing here:  Nutrition and gut health, Mental health and diet

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Healing with whole foods

More on ginger and turmeric in this very short video with Andrew Weil:

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