The Self-Acceptance Project

You can register for this series of audio classes for free…it looks wonderful. I highly recommend checking it out. Several of the audio files are already available to listen to and more will be added for the next several weeks as well.

SAPSelf-acceptance is one of our most difficult challenges, no matter how much meditation or therapy we’ve tried. In this FREE 12-week video event series, Tami Simon speaks with contemporary luminaries in spirituality, psychology, and creativity to learn how we can truly embrace who we are.

No matter how much spiritual practice, self-improvement, or therapy we’ve undertaken, there is one area where many of us still find ourselves challenged every day: self-acceptance. It seems all too easy to fall into the trap of judging ourselves as inadequate, finding fault with our achievements or our bodies, and believing our self-critical inner voices that insist we’ll never measure up to who we ought to be. Is there a solution?

Sounds True created The Self-Acceptance Project to find out.

In this FREE online video event series, each week Tami Simon will speak with two contemporary luminaries in the fields of spirituality, psychology, and creativity. Together they will explore the questions around self-acceptance—and investigate how we can overcome the difficulties of embracing who we are. Where do our self-critical voices come from? Can we silence them, or is there a better way to deal with them? Can we be motivated to change and excel while still accepting ourselves as we are? Why is it often so much easier to feel compassion and forgiveness towards others than towards ourselves?

The Self-Acceptance Project was created to offer you insights, practices, and strategies for living with a sense of your own fundamental worthiness. (GO HERE FOR MORE INFO AND FREE REGISTRATION)

If you want some additional thoughts on the subject here is a list of some posts on Beyond Meds that deal with acceptance in many different ways too.

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