Physical, mental, emotional – all ONE (Chinese / Ayurvedic systems have known this for millennia)

There are many access points to the whole. Sometimes people concentrate more on different access points…like the psychological, or the physical. I’ve come to concentrate on the whole shebang because I had no choice. It was what was required that I might heal. Different folks have different paths and sometimes only one access point is enough to bring about healing that allows for basic growth and functioning. The only problem is when people imagine their access point is the only one that works and get dogmatic about it. We are endlessly diverse and so there are many different ways to go. Always.

I wrote the below comments for a professional email group I sometimes participate in. It was in response to a thread in which some folks were being incredulous about the idea that viruses or inflammation might be correlated or involved in emotional and/or psychiatric issues. The group’s focus is straight up psychology so the below that I shared is a bit of a mind-bender for most of the folks in there. Perhaps some of you will find it more relatable.

The last paragraph was borrowed from another post previously published on this site.

So the below got no response whatsoever in the email group. The fact remains that as long as we have a medical system and thus a society that doesn’t understand this stuff people simply don’t believe it to be possible. Until we’ve actually experienced it or been witness to those transformed by it, it’s very hard to appreciate the profundity of it. I hope that it might have perked the ears of someone, nonetheless:

I have found all sorts of amazing things in my healing transformation…we are one. Body/mind is one. Physical and emotional are one and inseparable. When we take sides on this issue we harm in one way or another. Drugs harm…the body needs tender loving care just as the mind does. Trauma is intimately linked with the trillions of little critters that take residence in our bodies…yes, they also cause inflammation – these critters, depending on whether they are supportive of us or not will change our mood and thinking and our wellbeing in numerous ways both positively and negatively…in essence THEY HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS that affects our consciousness. Detox is about balancing the internal microbiome etc. which changes both our physical and emotional wellbeing. See: Detoxification (which is really about balancing the internal ecosystem): healthy living for body/mind/spirit 

Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines understand this and have for millennia. Western medicine is trying to reinvent the wheel. Not only do these systems gently cleanse and balance when they heal, they also support the endocrine, hormonal, neurotransmitters and nervous systems in profound ways. Western medicine would do well to start studying these profound systems and move ahead from there. These systems frame things with different language which is confusing to the modern mind but it’s all talking about profound truths about the holistic nature of being an animal in a larger system that is all connected.

In my experience, layers of delusion and dissociation have been directly correlated with bad bacteria and other issues with biofilm matrixes in the body. As I have cleansed (detoxed) I’ve healed long-standing autoimmune disease as well as brain injury imparted from psych drugs. “Mental health issues” associated with trauma also cleared up as the layers of dissociation disappeared with the biofilm matrixes. Word “disappeared” while true, belies the real work involved in letting go. This has both an emotional/spiritual process and a physical one. Both have been critically important processes in the healing process. We are truly one. There is no separation between the physical and the emotional. No separation between body and mind. And everything matters because everything is interconnected. 

This healing process has largely been a process of returning to the body. An embodiment process. See: The disembodied mess we’re in.

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