Madness Radio: Black Mental Health UK Philip Morgan

Blacks in the UK are much more likely than white people to be locked up, put on drugs, and mistreated in the mental health system. Social scientist Philip Morgan of London's Tower Hamlets African and Caribbean Mental Health Organization (THACMHO) discusses the legacy of slavery, survivor-run advocacy for system change, and an innovative project reclaiming... Continue Reading →

As ridiculous a concept as anosognosia – a post by Rossa Forbes

Rossa Forbes is the wonderful blogger at the helm of Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia. She is the mother of a young man who carries the label of schizophrenia. Her blog is a beautiful and unusual testament of insight and courage from the perspective of a parent. I asked if I could publish her piece from today. Here... Continue Reading →

Depakote tied to major birth defects, statins linked to depression, and self-care in a toxic world: Thursday news and blogs

Major birth defects tied to common epilepsy drug (commonly used as mood-stabilizer DEPAKOTE) -- Reuters Earlier research had shown that taking Depakote (valproate) during pregnancy might lower the baby's IQ and lead to deformities in up to one in ten cases. (See Reuters Health story April 16, 2009.) Scientists have long known about one of... Continue Reading →

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