We are all crazy now? Or perhaps we have been for a long time?

It's pretty amusing to look at the British media exploding today over the DSMs proposed changes. FINALLY. Hopefully we will wake up on this side of the pond too. To be fair there have been some utterances of this sort over here, but it's not broad or loud enough. The fact is just about everyone... Continue Reading →

Need to relax? Here’s one wonderful way

I've posted this simple little coping tool twice already. I value this so much that I'm posting it again. I take a bath like this almost every day. There have been times when I've been too sick to manage getting in and out of a tub, but if there is anyway I can manage, it... Continue Reading →

Lucid dreaming and nightmare therapy…

Two articles on emerging dream/nightmare therapies. Guiding Your Sleep While You’re Awake - NYTimes.com many therapists use behavioral interventions to reduce nightmares or guide the waking patient toward having a mastery dream — using the conscious mind to control the wild ways of the unconscious. Some of these techniques have been in use for years.... Continue Reading →

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