Relax into mystery…

Once again, I accept that life is uncertain-that the goal is not to become more certain about anything but to relax more into the mystery of not knowing what will come next.- Elizabeth Lesser

What is recovery? Taking responsibility is a start…

I'm having fun with the "Random Post" widget over there on the top of the right side bar. I click on it a few times now and then and find all sorts of stuff I'd forgotten about. It takes from the almost 2000 posts I've made now in the last 3 plus years. Here is... Continue Reading →

Containing opposites (love and aggression) and the loss of creativity in America: Monday news and blogs

Recovery from "schizophrenia" and other "psychotic disorders" Containing opposites, spirits, and “schizophrenia” I need to remind everyone that blogs on "schizophrenia" should not be ignored by people who think it does not apply to them. This post too, is potentially meaningful to anyone regardless of diagnosis. “Schizophrenia” can be seen as revolving around having difficulty... Continue Reading →

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