Government Mental Health Agency May Cancel Journalist Robert B. Whitaker as Keynoter of “Alternatives 2010”

NOTE: 7/23/10 -- Robert Whitaker has been re-confirmed as a keynote speaker at the Alternatives Conference this year. I do not know the details at this point. From MindFreedom (links added by Beyond Meds) What About Bob? USA Mental Health Agency May Cancel Journalist Robert B. Whitaker as Keynoter of "Alternatives 2010" Will the US federal... Continue Reading →

Therapy Tales cartoon for Beyond Meds

I've met all sorts of wonderful people on twitter. @woundedgenius, author of Therapy Tales (@therapytales on twitter) is one of those people. A cartoon genius, wounded or not. I was touched and moved to see a 'toon inspired by my work. Despite never having been under the care of a prescribing psychologist, I have worked... Continue Reading →

Beat depression, tame your nightmares, and make friends on twitter: Wednesday news and blogs

This must be new in the UK since the publisher sent me this book a year or two ago. It's a nice little primer on how to live clean and improve mood and well-being all around. This book contains good advice for any mental health issue even though he concentrates on depression. I also take... Continue Reading →

The beginning of emergence for Susan, finding faith and hope…she was not permanently broken

From Susan, author of A Journey, a guest post about her virtual cold-turkey withdrawal off a cocktail of psychiatric drugs and what ensued: The day I found hope I can see the day clearly in my mind. I was frazzled, agitated and felt sick; it had been just a few months since the latest psychiatrist... Continue Reading →

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