Are sleeping pills addictive?

That should have been a rhetorical question with a loud of course they are addictive ringing in the heads of whoever was meant to answer. But instead these ignorant and dangerous MDs went on to say how wonderfully safe these drugs are. Are Sleeping Pills Addictive? - Consults Blog - The most inane BS... Continue Reading →

Madness Radio: Buddhist Meditation and Schizophrenia Ed Knight

Recovery leader and survivor Ed Knight talks about Zen, Insight, and Christian meditation and "schizophrenia," including discrimination against people with psychiatric labels at meditation retreats, the link between spiritual awakening and madness, and living beyond "managing symptoms." Recovery Circles Listen above or to download program visit Madness Radio.

More on GABA/glutamate – a response to the response

A small discussion is happening between the two authors of the pieces on the GABA/glutamate cycle. The first article is here. The second one here. Below is a response to the second one. It is responding to the use of a phrase in this paragraph. I want to remind everyone that all these ideas are... Continue Reading →

Cult of positivity, AA not always best solution? and tart cherry juice for insomnia: Friday news and blogs

Tony Robbins and the Cult of Aggressive Positivity: a series on Beyond Growth. --"Personal development saved my life, but not without some side effects." Part one is linked to above. Here is part two. Part three is on its way, you can sign up for the feed or email on Beyond Growth. This is a... Continue Reading →

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