There is a life waiting for you…

There's a Life Waiting for You -- By Anthony Lawlor There's a life waiting for you just across the threshold of your fear, just beyond what your mind can see. This life is not about others liking you. It's not a clever scheme to make you rich. This life is the one true life that's... Continue Reading →

Children banned from psychotropic trials in Florida and Addiction — a whole new view: Tuesday news and blogs

I'm formatting today's news and blogs differently because I needed to do a longer excerpt on the second post: Florida Tells FDA: No Children In Psychotropic Trials // Pharmalot Last year, a 7-year-old foster boy named Gabriel Myers committed suicide in Florida and, after reams of publicity and hand-wringing over the use of psychotropic medications... Continue Reading →

Why I’m pro-information and pro-choice when it comes to drugs and medications in mental health care

I say all the below having been gravely harmed by prescribed psychiatric drugs. I am drug free today but I am not free from the harm the drugs wrought in my life. I am very motivated to help people find options that they might not feel forced to take drugs. Feeling forced, is not really... Continue Reading →

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