Meditate…even while on a train

I love the part about meditating on a noisy train in the excerpt I share below. This is something I often do, that is, meditate in places people don't conceive of being appropriate spaces. Meditation is much more about being wherever you are fully in the moment then it is about being in a silent... Continue Reading →

Prozac in the water is getting serious, How the mind controls pain and depression and exercise: Thursday news and blogs

Prawns on Prozac, whatever next? Crabs on cocaine? -- NewScientist -- Second-hand Prozac in waste water could be sending shrimps' swimming patterns haywire, making them easy targets for predators. ''Crustaceans are crucial to the food chain and if shrimps' natural behaviour is being changed because of antidepressant levels in the sea this could seriously upset... Continue Reading →

“Wow, I survived. I made it. I am amazing. I can handle anything now.”

Tomorrow is five months off of all psychiatric medications. I did not do a dedicated 5 month anniversary post this month as I've been doing. This post was written a week or two ago. After my four-month anniversary post I've not had another "window" and I've not been able to leave the house again let... Continue Reading →

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