Today in Ireland John Hunt’s story of psychiatric abuse captures the nation…

The incarceration of John: Free John, Psychiatric Prisoner. He has family who love him and have many resources to help him. There is quite a bit of back story here on this blog Today Grainne's hard work campaigning for her partner has resulted in the story reaching the front page of the international paper in Ireland.... Continue Reading →

Good parents planting bad seeds? and Label a kid an addict, so he becomes? — Monday news and blogs

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater -- Holistic Recovery -- I actually noticed  this New York Times  article  Accepting that Good Parents Can Plant Bad Seeds but avoided posting it because it was problematic in my mind and not something I was currently able to take on with commentary. I'm very glad that Rossa... Continue Reading →

Daniel Carlat MD on Fresh Air — discussed by Giovanna Pompele

By Giovanna Pompele PhD who teaches Women and Gender Studies at the University of Miami.  On July 13, 2010 Fresh Air, a program I very much like but which has repeatedly proven glib on mental health issues, aired an interview with psychiatrist Daniel Carlat This interview is jaw-dropping on a variety of levels, and since... Continue Reading →

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