Beyond Meds won a HAL award…

Health and Life, a website I was not familiar with has put out an awards list for medical blogs for which I get a most fascinating mention: Beyond Meds is not always an easy to read blog.  But what makes it a winner is how it grabs you by the throat and gets your attention. ... Continue Reading →

Coping with intrusive thoughts, impulses, voices etc…

By Ron Unger I just did a rough draft of a handout which surveys the possible options when responding to voices and other intrusive experiences.  I’m curious to hear what some of you might think about this.  Notice that I am lumping unwanted and disturbing voices in with unwanted and disturbing thoughts, impulses, and emotions,... Continue Reading →

Crying is healthy, and the government in UK knows about the problem with benzodiazepines: Monday news and blogs

Brooke Siler: Stress Relief: Why Crying Supports Emotional Wellness -- Many people who withdraw from psychiatric drugs discover that they can once again cry. It's almost universally met with joy. -- Professor Roger Baker, a consultant clinical psychologist and visiting professor at Bournemouth University, told the UK's Daily Mail that "crying is the transformation of... Continue Reading →

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