Thoughts on thinking…(in meditation)

I think one has to be careful not to think that meditation is about getting rid of thoughts. On the contrary, I would say that meditation helps us to creatively engage with our thoughts and not fixate on them. When people say they cannot concentrate I say “No no no, you are concentrating—too much on... Continue Reading →

Premature mortality of those with psychiatric diagnosis, more on Thyroid problems, Alcohol Anonymous, and a shrink formerly from Emory disses Nemeroff: Friday news and blogs

Researchers Examine Premature Mortality Among People With Serious Mental Illness -- Science Daily -- Generally neglected when talking about premature death in those labeled mentally ill is the neurotoxins they ingest for years on end. It's always mentioned but hardly ever largely concentrated on which I frankly think is criminal neglect. People lose up to... Continue Reading →

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