American psychiatric association’s description of a psychiatrist

This is the description from the APA's page on how to choose a psychiatrist. It opens with this description of what a psychiatrist does. A psychiatrist is a medical physician who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses, including substance abuse and addiction. Psychiatrists are uniquely qualified to assess both the mental... Continue Reading →

Robert Whitaker’s new book is an essential for anyone concerned with mental health — Examiner

This is another review of Whitaker's very important book. It's a meticulously documented book complete with countless studies that back up the argument. I've now bought one for both my parents and a couple of friends as well as lending my copy out. I will continue to do this as I think of who might... Continue Reading →

Researchers inject the mentally ill with dangerous impurities after warnings from FDA: Sunday news and blogs

Studies Halted at Brain Lab Over Impure Injections -- NYT -- Injecting tpeople labeled with mental illness with impure substance. Columbia University has quietly suspended research at a nationally prominent brain-imaging center and reassigned its top managers after federal investigators found that it had routinely injected mental patients with drugs that contained potentially dangerous impurities.... Continue Reading →

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