Psychotropic Drugs and Children — a lecture by Robert Whitaker 

Psychotropic Drugs and Children: Robert Whitaker, author of Anatomy of an Epidemic, discusses the disturbing effects of psychotropic drugs prescribed for children. Such medications, used for ADHD, depression, and anxiety, for example, have become commonplace over the past 30 years. This practice profoundly alters the lives of the children, and so now we, as a... Continue Reading →

Must read: Smoking while diagnosed mentally ill, testing thyroid and those who talk about serious issues are happier: Friday news and blogs

Smoking, neurodiversity, and pragmatism — Urocyon — Like Urocyon, I didn’t smoke until I got drugged up and prior to that I was grossly allergic to smoke. I actually vomited the only time I tried to smoke in high school. I started smoking once I was on a good dose of neuroleptics at age 27.Not entirely suprisingly,... Continue Reading →

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