What is up with me

I've learned to be economical with my writing these days because I have such limited energy, I'm once again taking an email to a friend, editing it a bit and presenting it as a post. I was asked how I was doing and responded with this: Wish I had something better to say...though I AM... Continue Reading →

Normality is an endangered species, trauma again linked to mental illness, and infants with schizophrenia?! Wednesday news and blogs

Normality Is an Endangered Species: Psychiatric Fads and Overdiagnosis -- Psychiatric Times -- By Allen Frances (chair of DMS lV task-force) Interesting to see what he says. Well worth reading the whole article. The “epidemics” in psychiatry are caused by changing diagnostic fashions—the people don’t change, the labels do. There are no objective tests in... Continue Reading →

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