Catch Doug Bremner MD on video talking about his battle with pharma

Doug Bremner being interviewed on videotape by Neil Shurman MD. All five parts are on Before You Take That Pill -- Doug Bremner's blog.

GABA/Glutamate cycle in withdrawal from psychotropics– SSRIs, benzos, and Lamictal

This is a response to a post a while back written by Rhi Griffith on the GABA/Glutamate cycle as it applies to Lamictal withdrawal and benzodiazepine withdrawal. This article continues with comments in regards to how SSRI withdrawal might be involved. It is written  and submitted Alto Strata who can be found at Surviving update: There is... Continue Reading →

Pharma can hurt you, anytime during the life of a drug: Wednesday news and blogs

Inside the Risky World of Drug-Trial 'Guinea Pigs' - Research - The Chronicle of Higher Education -- Human volunteers in university research may not realize the dangers they face, an anthropologist has found Medications found to cause long term cognitive impairment of aging brain -- -- Anticholinergics, from Benedryl to Paxil and more. --... Continue Reading →

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