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I’ve often posted information about laughter as medicine and laughter yoga as a practice. I found a video on Shinzen Young’s youtube channel with Stephanie Nash that speaks of Laughter Meditation. Honestly we need to have this sort of practice available on every street corner…like Starbucks.

Hang in there and watch the whole video if you’ve got any interest in this at all…it’s very powerful and the introduction has important concepts included. The video starts a bit slowly being we’re not part of the class and it’s a bit out of context to join in via the video.

There is a “proper” laughing meditation at about 15 minutes. That translates very well via video! I cry right along with laughing when I do this stuff! Have fun!



Just going to share some links on how laughter is such a good thing. I use it as medicine as often as possible. Generally these days it’s via comedy on DVD.

●  Laugh so you don’t cry: how laughing kills the pain

●  Laughter really is the best medicine as doctors find it can be as healthy as exercise

●  How Humor Makes You Friendlier, Sexier

●  ‘Laughter yoga’ tries to tap a natural resource for healing

●  Paolo Trinidad has been teaching laughter yoga to inmates and members of the public as therapy for stress and loneliness.

Some books on the subject:

●  65 Need-to-know Laughter Yoga Exercises

 The Great Big Anthology of Laughter Exercises: 500 Laughter Exercises for Health, Fun and Friendship

●  Run-through Laughter Yoga Session Standing: See How It’s Done!

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