The New York Times continues to spread the bullshit: Fatal Illness More Likely in Bipolar Patients

I wrote about a study a week or so again showing that the mentally ill die more frequently where there is no mention of the DRUGS they prescribe these people being the CAUSE of all said diseases that are killing these folks. This careless disregard for the truth is so enraging I just want to burst! This article in the NYT does briefly mention at the very end in passing that drugs might make the situation worse in some cases. But that is a gross understatement. The headline should be NEUROLEPTICS ARE KILLING BIPOLAR PEOPLE. And with that headline motivation to find viable alternatives which in fact already exist should be ignited under the asses of every one who cares about the people in this society who are labeled mentally ill. The tragedy is that in most cases these drugs are simply unnecessary, untherapeutic and ultimately poisonous.

People with bipolar disorder are at risk for an array of fatal illnesses, according to a review of 17 studies involving more than 331,000 patients.

The researchers, writing in the February issue of Psychiatric Services, looked at studies of patients whose bipolar illness was severe enough to require hospitalization. Mortality in those patients ranged from 35 percent to 200 percent higher than in comparison groups.

In the larger studies, almost every cause of death was higher among bipolar patients: cardiovascular, respiratory, cerebrovascular (including strokes), and endocrine (like diabetes). In the smaller studies, mortality from cerebrovascular disease was higher among those with bipolar illness, but they showed inconsistent results, probably because they used smaller samples or less representative populations.

Several markers of inflammation — often a precursor of heart attacks and strokes — are higher among bipolar patients than others. The chronic stress of bipolar illness may lead to metabolic syndrome and atherosclerosis, or to insulin resistance, which increase the risk for sudden cardiac death. (read rest here)

3 thoughts on “The New York Times continues to spread the bullshit: Fatal Illness More Likely in Bipolar Patients

  1. OK, I can’t read the whole thing.

    I guess what I would be drawn to is what “Psychiatric Services” is and where do they get their funding. Also, the New York Times itself, do they run BigPharma ads?

    Speaking as a scientist, any scientist who would ignore the significant impact of psychiatric drugs, is completely incompetent or “bought out”.

    I reminds me of two things. It reminds me of “scientists” who do not believe in the Theory of Evolution. It also reminds me of how legitimate scientists’ work had been modified by the government, regarding global climate change.



  2. Gianna,

    I loved this line –

    “psychiatric patients and their families should try to make sure they are getting good medical care”

    Wake-up call to the doc –
    The PROBLEM is the “good medical care”….

    Good at killing people!



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