Just for fun: This was not set up

My dog decided all on her own to put on the headphones and sleep to music. Seriously she did this to herself!

My dog snoozes to tunes
My dog snoozes to tunes

21 thoughts on “Just for fun: This was not set up

  1. I was trying to think up some cheesy joke about the music Pippin is chilling to…

    Elvis? I ain’t nuffin’ But a Hound Dog?

    A bit of country… Johnny Cash and the Muppets… “Dirty ‘ol Egg Suckin’ Dawg” ?!

    Pink Floyd? The track “Dogs” from the album “Animals”..

    Hopefully Pippin’s not an Osmonds fan.. “And They Call It Puppy Luuuuuuuurve” !!

    Ozzy Osborne? “Bark at the Moon” ?!


  2. I saw a video of a dog climbing a tree…and it was like the dog was a cat…no joke…it was amazing…but it was in some news story somewhere …I should see if I can find it on youtube.


  3. Jenny was the name of my lab….and, the scenario I put up…it’s just the best way (the only way) I could think she was “smart” enough to figure it out….

    Of course, I had a cousin who was pretty wild…..He might have had something to do with her “figuring” out how to get on the roof….

    Guess, I’ll never know for sure. I was at work when she found her way to the top of the home!



  4. Gianna,

    I was thinking she had figured out a way to listen to music….
    All kidding-aside, I’ve met some pretty smart dogs along the way….some who might have been able to figure it out….

    I bet if you put the headphones on her ears sometime, and showed her where the controls are on the music source…..She may surprise you one day!

    I had a laborador who wached me climb up onto the top of a home – using a ladder…..I put the ladder up in the garage, but she figured out a way….She got up on to the top of a dog house, then jumped to the top of a tool shed, then jumped to the top of the roof….She was up on the highest point of the roof when I saw her….waiting for me up there at the end of the day….

    At the time, I was pretty nervous, looking back it’s pretty funny!



  5. perhaps I should be clear here…I took advantage of artistic license here in my writing…

    while it’s true that Pippin somehow got wound up in the headphones and ended up sleeping in that position all on her own…

    there was no music involved…


  6. Gianna,

    So, Pippin likes to slap on the headphones and listen to some tunes from time-to-time….sometimes, to help catch a few z’s ?….

    I believe you….but, if anyone else told me this, I would use an old Texas expression – “I’m puttin on my boots….It’s gettin a little high in here”….

    I believe you….but, if it were anybody else….

    The question remaining for one of your long-time readers….When is Pippin gonna step up to the mic again on Beyond Meds? And, even more important – What about an Appalachian duo? – the billboard charts, CMT, VH-1….the Nashville scene….the Austin scene?

    Pippin may be trying to tell you something Gianna….Pippin can howl – We’ve all heard Pippin…..She’s pretty dog-gone good!



  7. Jeez Gianna:

    Doggy much be listening to your Mad Radio interview {laughing}. I guess the next step will be the Dog taking the car out for night time drives through the Country.



  8. P.S. I will also show this photo to my daughter. She’ll get a kick out of it too. I’m your dog is using over-the-ear earphones because they are much less damaging to the inner ear than the earbuds, which go into the ear. However, if she ever gets the earbuds in her ears by herself, make sure you get a picture of that too! That’ll really be something.


  9. LOL. That is sooooooooooooooooo cool and cute. I am going to save a copy in my screensaver folder. It could win a prize. You should add a caption. Or ask for folks visiting to suggest a caption. Thanks for the laugh.


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