Testify to the FDA about your Seroquel experience

This is very important. If you have a compelling story or even just an adverse reaction of any kind at least send a letter. We want to stop AstraZeneca from drugging what could amount to hundreds of thousands of more people.

Here are directions on what to do.

2 thoughts on “Testify to the FDA about your Seroquel experience

  1. Hi. I was listening to you on Madness Radio and found your wordpress site. I sent in my ‘Testimony on Seroquel’ and I hope that it will help in some way. I am slowing weaning myself off meds currently and it has been working I think. They tried unsuccessfully to diagnose me with Bipolar when I was seventeen. Now they’re trying to say I am ‘schizo-affective’ and I don’t have a freakin mood problem! Lol. Thanks for bringing this to light. I feel my email will help because I experienced such intense symptoms–like seizures and everything else.


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