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The quote of the day today comes from an email from one of the readers of this blog, Grainne Humphrys. What an honor to get to know such souls.

I have learnt that if we can hold both our perpetrator and victim energies and really own them, it takes us into another realm.

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  1. Thanks for that, Gianna… I’ve just googled it and it is absolutely fascinating and feeds directly into everything I am learning. You are, quite simply, an incredible fountain of information. There is extraordinairy wealth on your wonderful blog. It’s amazing! Just like you.

  2. the idea is called the Drama Triangle…I don’t remember the name of the book…
    if you do a search on “Drama Triangle” you should find descriptions of the phenomena…

    it’s not about therapists being rescuers it’s about human dynamics…usually families with abuse issues…all members can rotate and be all things depending on what’s going on…but I don’t remember much else about it…

    do a google search.

  3. It has been suggested that the rescuer, or helper (or therapist!) is caught up in trying to ‘fix’ their parent/s, so they need their client more than their client needs them, on a larger scale. I find this very interesting. Being aware of all these aspects and any entanglements is the key.
    What a wonderful healing forum your blog is, Gianna. Can you send me the name of the book that deals with this triangle – victim/ perpetrator/ rescuer. Much love.

  4. I’m familiar with that triangle Bonnie…there is a book that talks about it explicitly…the bottom line, though, is that we can play all parts and take turns in all the dramas where the triangle is happening.

  5. Awesome quote and strikes right at the heart. I have learned also there is another role in there, that of the rescuer. The triangle of perpetrator-victim-rescuer is an incredibly viscious cycle that is a formidable opponent to break free of. Healing requires incredible persistence and I delight in knowing that it is the goal of this blog. Thank you again Gianna, and all of you who contribute so much here!

  6. What an honour to be quoted on this incredible blog, and what an honour to know you, Gianna.
    Indeed, deep healing occurs when we acknowledge what is, just as it is. Integrating our energies with no judgement. The phenomenal work of the knowing field and Bert Hellinger has taught me this great truth. And of course, the remarkable facilitators and group that I have been privilidged to work with.
    Thank you.

  7. This is the kind of thinking that creates wellness, I’m convinced.
    It comes, I’m becoming more and more aware from the inside….
    By ackowledging all that’s there – accepting it.


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