Study: anti-psychotics should be avoided in young people

This piece of news is being splashed about the mental health media today. Of course it’s not new information for readers of Beyond Meds since we know that avoiding anti-psychotics is almost ALWAYS an option at some point and very often far preferable regardless of age, but it’s information that can now be supported by yet another study and perhaps presented to those who do not believe.

From the Guardian UK

Anti-psychotic medicine should not be the first option offered to people at risk of developing schizophrenia, researchers have said.

Clinicians should be “extremely careful” about prescribing anti-psychotics to young people because only a tenth will go on to develop more serious conditions, a study suggested.

A study by five universities suggested that “benign” psychological treatments, including cognitive therapy (CT), were effective in reducing the severity of psychotic experiences that can lead to conditions such as schizophrenia.

The study, published on the British Medical Journal website, found the frequency, seriousness and intensity of psychotic symptoms that may lead to more serious conditions was reduced by counselling and CT.

The landmark research could pave the way for coherent treatment for young people at risk of developing psychotic illnesses, which is not currently in place. read more here

The full study can be read here: Early detection and intervention evaluation for people at risk of psychosis: multisite randomised controlled trial 

As holistic beings there are many things that should be addressed first among them diet (the other day Evolutionary Psychiatry wrote about schizophrenia and gluten), exercise (your brain on exerciseand all sorts of “benign” (helpful, non-toxic) therapies.

On this blog there is now a nice collection of articles on Open Dialog as it’s used in Western Lapland Finland. The psychiatric hospitals are nearly empty there.

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●  Open Dialogue — Alternative Care for Psychosis In Finland Developed By Jaakko Seikkula

●  Open Dialogue: a documentary on a Finnish alternative approach to healing psychosis

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Many people have shared their recovery stories from psychosis that lead to drug freedom too here on Beyond Meds. If they’d believed their psychiatrists they would still be on mind-numbing drugs. Psychosis Recovery Stories

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