Newsflash: primetime doesn’t understand mental illness and neither do you

Yes, it’s true primetime doesn’t understand schizophrenia…but neither do most of the people who think they do…and worst of all the so called mental “health” professionals don’t either.

I happened upon an article by Marvin Ross on Huffington Post about TV not portraying schizophrenia accurately. Well, that’s nothing new. What is more horrifying to me is that Marvin Ross paraphrases someone who calls themselves an expert on schizophrenia:

He says:

One expert told me that nobody who suffers from untreated schizophrenia has ever been known to function well in the teaching professions. He added that in 40 years of treating people who suffer from schizophrenia, he knows of no one who has stopped taking medication and was still employed or still attending college six months later. (see rest of post)

Since it’s likely to be censored and not posted I figured I’d share this post here with my comment. This guy is under the belief that no one can ever recover from that which gets labeled schizophrenic. This is a tragic reality for many people who try to to get care in the so called mental “health” system. They are made permanent patients. The fact is people with the label schizophrenia (as well as bipolar and all the rest) recover and are able to live lives free of medication ALL THE TIME. I don’t know why there is so much ignorance out there about this but it’s beyond tragic.

My comment – – first I cut and pasted the above paraphrase about the “expert” and then followed with this:

wow, I know a lot of people who are thriving who had what is often labeled as schizophrenia. They hold jobs and no longer need medication. It’s horrifying that someone who calls themselves an expert have never heard of such people.

I have a list of some of these people’s stories here. Among them is a man who is Harvard educated and a practicing lawyer, another is an RN, yet another a psychotherapist…lots of other stories of folks too…I don’t know all of their professions.

See: Psychosis Recovery 

it includes books and websites etc that share the fact that people do recover and live med free quite often…it’s tragic to disallow the possibility because it happens, but it’s not likely to if one is never told it’s possible.

oh…one of the guys on that list is also a psychiatrist!! lovely man…totally recovered and helping others too Visionary Psychiatrist Daniel Fisher 

And yes, we need to believe in the possibility of recovery and our mental ILLNESS system often strips people of all hope of recovery.

A great book to read about this is: “Rethinking Madness: Towards a Paradigm Shift in our Understanding and Treatment of Psychosis”

and this book is written by a PhD psychologist who also recovered from such phenomena! Another thriving and employed example of thwarting the psychiatric propaganda machine of doom.

Update: I realized since that post on HuffPo talks about hearing voices and makes reference to them never being helpful, it’s also worth sharing my info page on Hearing Voices. Lots of people have, indeed, learned to make sense of their voices and that has been part of their healing journey. See: Hearing Voices, the voices are real

(as of this posting my comment was NOT posted and other comments have been cleared from moderation. I can only assume they did indeed censor me. Perhaps they’ll get the pingback from this post, see that I’m talking about them and share the good news. That would be nice.)

It’s been posted! It’s on Huffington Post now.

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