A taste of “Yoga is Union” – move your body and listen to sounds for the soul

I’m sharing an album I’ve been enjoying below with audio clips from youtube.

Listening to music and moving to it (or not, sometimes I simply meditate)  have become and will remain a foundational aspect of becoming well for me. I listen to many different sounds, do yoga, I walk, I dance, and I mindfully am present with the movements of my body when I do just about everything. Even when I do the dishes or any other household chores. Becoming conscious of our incredibly lovely animal bodies can be a deep and profound joy.

yogaTom Colletti’s Yoga Is Union is masterfully composed and designed to complement all yoga practices. Colletti delivers a perfectly balanced album that is upbeat enough to keep you energized, yet also serene enough to shift you into a state of peaceful, open receptivity.

I don’t listen to this only when I do hatha yoga, in fact, more often, I find it’s a nice way to meditate.

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