Psychiatrist Biederman speaks: After me there is only God

Update –  Someone made me think of when Joseph Lieberman (psychiatrist) said in a deposition that after him there was only God (YES!! that really happened) — so I’m sharing this post because it’s pretty funny, if also horrifying and it’s from 2009 so lots of folks probably weren’t following this stuff back then.

from 2009:

I posted earlier today on Biederman. He promised the pharmaceutical company he worked for (with money he did not declare) while working at Harvard, that he would provide positive results with clinical trials that had not yet been done.

Today at In Vivo blog we see excerpts of his deposition–from In Vivo:

One exchange in particular caused us to do a double take. On page 47, Biederman is quizzed about his professional ranking at Harvard. He notes that his resume is used for academic promotions.

Lawyer: “What does that mean?”

Biederman: “To move in the ranks from one rank, for example, at Harvard, there is instructor, from instructor you move to assistant professor, from assistant professor you move to associate professor, from associate professsor you move to full professor.”

Lawyer: “Full professor?”

Biederman: “Hm…mmm.”

Lawyer: “What rank are you?”

Biederman: “Full professor.”

Lawyer: “What’s after that?”

Biederman: “God”

Lawyer: “Did you say God?”

Biederman: “Yeah.”

Via Furious Seasons.

I actually linked to a piece this morning that Seroxat Sufferers had that had already covered the piece but didn’t get a good look at what I was doing. Fiddy had it first thing this morning. I’m so tired I just can’t keep track of everything, even when I look at a website! Sorry. I just remembered vaguely a picture of God and thought maybe I should go back and take a look.

Another snippet of the deposition from Soulful Sepulcher:

Q. And do you agree that you are one of the most forceful advocates of the aggressive (psychiatric drug) treatment of preschoolers?

A.(Biederman)It is her statement about me.

Q.I didn’t ask you if it was her statement about you.I’m asking you if you agree that you are one of the most forceful advocates of the aggressive treatment of preschoolers.

A.(Biederman) I am.

You can get the full deposition at any of the above linked sites in PDF format.

And then there is the joke:  What is the Difference Between a Psychiatrist and God? The answer? At least God knows he is not a psychiatrist.

Doctors with god complexes. I wish this sort of hubris was only present in Hollywood movies, but sadly it is not.

To underscore that this should be in a movie, not real life we have Alec Baldwin acting similarly here:

10 thoughts on “Psychiatrist Biederman speaks: After me there is only God

  1. Actually, I was in a legal matter once. I am a very sarcastic person and my lawyer told me to not be sarcastic at all, because it doesn’t look good in print. I let one barb out, and sure enough, it looks horrible!

    The guy could have been sarcastic. At least I hope so!

    It really does sound like a joke, to me, that did not come across well. Or, maybe he really does think he’s God? I no longer see heterosexual male psychiatrists as they really have a God complex going on.

    Just something to think about.



  2. I believe Biederman and Fuller Torrey are completely evil in their base of belief, often skewed by their own force that drives them: greed and power.

    It makes me sick, my daughter is a direct result of Biederman’s unethical treatment and trialing of children, and his twisted belief in his own theory of pediatric bipolar disorder.

    How does a parent live with this? an outcome of a child who is now a disabled adult? and read these papers and see how it does not appear to be anything but a power, prestige-monger’s work that rippled down to my daughter.

    It SHOULD send shivers down everyone’s spine, it is a look into pure evil. My writing about this, I don’t take lightly., I rarely, if ever call people evil. This is the exception.

    Biederman needs to be in prison. He is giving a deposition because it all connects back to him, and he self-incriminated himself, by being an “expert witness” in these papers, it’s as if he really is on trial and he doesn’t get it.

    he will never get it. He was on the professional advisory board, along with Wozniak, of the CABF bp kids org site. They both worked on 1999 preschool trials of preschoolers and 5 yr olds. The abstract is easy to google.

    Parents, like we were completely duped into believing this paradigm, after all who doesn’t trust doctors, and published academia?

    I don’t trust anymore, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for the space to leave a sad rant Gianna. I hope everyone writes about this and gives these documents a lot of space on their blogs…because this man wants these sealed and for one reason: it will hurt his reputation.

    fuck that!


  3. This Biederman sends shivers down my spine… unbridled narcissism seduced by power. It is tragic that men such as him have such influence in our society. Drugging pre-schoolers… I believe this is just sick.
    He should have answered ‘The Devil’ to that question not ‘God’…


  4. While he is a Harvard Psychiatrist, maybe someone needs to remind him of the term “delusional”

    delusions – A condition in which the patient has lost touch with reality and experiences hallucinations and misperceptions.



  5. Maybe HE should be on some meds with a nice padded cell to go with it – or UNPADDED!
    What a DANGEROUS man – put preschoolers on any of these drugs just think – more school shootings … ignored children – cause the drug has taken care of them … what a travesty.
    Glad there is a God to go to when someone like this runs off at the mouth…


  6. Wow, psychic connection – I was going to ask you if you had seen this madness.

    Biederman I think speaks to how a lot of psychiatrists probably feel inside – God-like – yet he is one of the few whose arrogance is at so out of control that he actually admits it in public.


    And then there is Dr. Charles Schulz, not the sweet Peanuts dude…

    There have been so many delightful stories in the news lately.

    My favorite though as of yet is Wayne MacFadden, Seroquel slut, who slept his way into the hearts of ghost-writers. What a twisted web we weave.

    Here is the link to the picture of The Lord.

    Can I get an Amen?


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