Just for fun: really cool bird video

I saw this video a while back so I assumed I would have put it on my blog, but viewing it today at Van’s blog, I think perhaps it didn’t ever get posted here. So here you go. Let me know if it is a repeat, but I think not.

You will never hear another bird that sounds like this—I can say that with quite a bit of certainty even though I know nothing about birds!

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  1. oh…I’d much rather see the bird stay in the wild where it belongs..it’s already disturbing enough that it knows how to make sounds that imply it’s environment is being destroyed!

  2. WOW! I am so impressed. I volunteered at our National Aviary and know a bit about birds, but I don’t believe we have had any of these there. It would be great to get one. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of one, and I’ve seen a lot of different species from all over the world.

    Thanks for sharing.

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