Antipsychotics now top revenue producers among pharmaceuticals

Philip at Furious Seasons reports:

I can assure one and all that America didn’t suddenly develop millions of more people with psychotic disorders. These drugs are being used for depression now and that’s where I bet the sales boost came from. America is no longer “Prozac Nation.” It’s not “Atypical Nation.” And that ain’t good.(click here for the whole post)

I’d like to add they’re not just being used for depression. They are being used for anxiety and sleeplessness as well. Our brains are being systematically stolen from us.

These are drugs that not only produce massive dependence and are dangerous to withdraw from, they also shrink our frontal lobes, cause cognitive dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, other metabolic syndromes and various cardiac problems as well as stroke. Those are just the more serious of side-effects. There are many more. And none of them are terribly rare or uncommon.

For the IMS reports detailing the victory of antipsychotics see here.

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  1. Given the hellish attack on Civilization itself, which these chemicals do Not merely represent, …… but Embody, …… well, ……

    Just “Thank You”, ….. again, for your tireless efforts Gianna.

  2. I was talking with my dentist’s wife the other day about my own Klonopin withdrawal process (their son is also having problems after being prescribed Klonpin). She works with her husband and so knows the medical history of most of their clients. She said she used to see lots of people listing benzos on their initial forms … but that had decreased greatly. Now, the drug she sees all the time, including in elderly people given it for sleep, is Seroquel …

    The only thing any doctor offered to me when I asked for help in withdrawing from Klonopin was Seroquel for sleep and w/d symptoms. In fact, I was labeled “noncompliant” and fired as a “patient” because I wouldn’t take it and questioned the use of a powerful AP in someone who had neither psychosis or even insomnia (although he knew insomnia would come with his recommended cold turkey withdrawal of a benzo).

    In just personal experience, I’ve found that the APs, especially Seroquel, are given to nearly anyone who starts having problems with benzos.

    Very scary.


    1. I’m over half way there getting off Clozepam. I’m tapering .25mg every ten days and have done three in a row on 10 day cycles. I’m on my third day of this cycle and it’s not as bad as the last. I think withdrawing off this poison it’s gets a little easier each time because you loose the fear of it. It also helps that I switched to a macrobiotic diet. I realize this isn’t for everyone but eating healthy is important to the process. Perscriptions went up over 7% last year. People are turning to drugs to help deal with the economic mess were in. How incredibly sad we are going to end up with a whole generation of mind altered people. I can believe your doctor told you to get off this drug quick. My doctor did the same thing with Zyprexa. I didn’t follow his advice I tapered for three months went through an hellious two weeks and ended up having a full blown episode. It was still worth it. i can’t imagine what would have happened if I would have taken half for a week and stopped which is what he told me to do. I don’t think all doctors are bad people they are just incredibly misguided.

      1. Dennis,
        you’re just lucky and a lot of people are…I am only doing .125 cuts and I can only do them about every 3 weeks and I’m totally disabled and can’t drive or leave the house.

        I’m unusual on one end of the spectrum and you may be unusual on the level of ease you’re having…

        again…there is a large spectrum of possibilities with withdrawal from all psychotropics…

        right now we’re cutting the same thing and having radically different experiences…

      2. Good for you Dennis …

        What did you start your taper from? I started tapering from 4 mg per day. It’s been a very long and difficult process for me. Hopefully, you’re like Gianna is saying, on the end of the spectrum that has an easier time of it tapering. I’m more on the difficult end … I’m basically incapacitated by withdrawal right now.

        I agree with you that diet is really important. I seem to be very sensitive to gluten and so am trying to make sure I keep that out of my diet. I’m vegan, and I think that helps a great deal as well. Of course, everyone’s different, too.

        I just know that I’m looking forward to getting off this stuff and getting my feelings and my life back.


        1. Selene,
          I loathe eating meat, but find I am much worse off if I DON’T eat it…
          This seems to be common with people who have been on psych meds.
          Unless your aversion is so great you simply can’t do it, I would try eating some animal protein of your choice and see if it actually makes you feel better.

          as you said we’re all different, but having hung out in multiple withdrawal groups, I’ve truly found again and again when the vegans and vegetarians give in and try meat they feel better…

          I stick to humanely raised organic meat…and mostly just chicken and fish…

          it’s a hard call…I’d rather not for spiritual reasons or just plain concern for sentient beings period, but my health depends on it for now…

          someday I hope I can eliminate it..

          the biggest reason i find it helpful is because dense, high quality protein is the very best thing for keeping blood sugar levels even and drug withdrawals tend to mess with people’s blood sugar pretty much across the board…

          just suggesting you experiment if you are able…

          best to you…I absolutely understand and support the reasons people choose to go vegan and veggie.


  3. You know the most frustrating part of all of this, is that some people think those of us who see this for what it is are ‘conspiracy theorist’ types – I’ve heard this before….

    How can something so obvious be called a ‘conspiracy’? I’ve never been a believer in conspiracies – people aren’t that good at keeping secrets – even the best of friends (unfortunately)…..

    No – no ‘conspiracy’ was needed with all of this – This was done with money – lots and lots of money, and with a public that had long-believed to trust doctors – their training and knowledge – “doing what the doctor says” was engraned in our thoughts as we grew up….

    Wisdom and common sense are what’s needed to turn this thing around, and a strong desire by people who unfortunately get caught up with these drugs – to fight for their own spirits – their own souls – to go through whatever pain neccessary to gain them back – to fully experience life – even after their bodies, brains, and spirits have been injured and drugged-down….

    It’s not a journey for everyone. But, I gain a little more strength and faith each time I hear someone say they’re willing to do it – to go through it.


  4. Gianna,

    “Our brains are being systematically stolen from us.”

    ….Not a day goes by, that I’m not thankful you’re out there Gianna.
    We all get the same news (eventually, some of us are quicker than others).

    But, you’re commentary seems to hit it on the head – with honesty, and I’m grateful you’re out there!


  5. I’m not surprised to read that about anti-psychotics. I have been prescribed them by multiple doctors for everything but psychosis. This is my first time reading your blog. I have enjoyed reading and you have given me a lot to think aboutn.

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