Beyond Meds won a HAL award…

Health and Life, a website I was not familiar with has put out an awards list for medical blogs for which I get a most fascinating mention:

Beyond Meds is not always an easy to read blog.  But what makes it a winner is how it grabs you by the throat and gets your attention.  And once it gets your attention, Beyond Meds teaches you something.

Sometimes controversial, a visit to Beyond Meds certainly wakes you up.

That interesting little blurb was written by David Gurevich:

The main author is David Gurevich, a student at an Ivy League university with research experience at Harvard Medical.  He has taken or is taking courses in Pharmacology, Immunology, Endocrinology, Toxicology, Biomaterials and more.

Because many of the articles are on medications, it is important to note that David was an “outstanding” student in Pharmacology.  On a test of drug kinetics and specifically, treatment of cardiac disorders, he was tied for 2cond highest score in a class of 68.

In addition to his school work, David has read hundreds of medical articles to write the posts.  Additionally, he  published a review article on stem cells in The Triple Helix.

Thanks to Health and Life and David Gurevich for finding the work on my blog of interest.

I should note that I do not consider my blog a medical blog. It is certainly a blog that is critical of psychiatry being practiced as if it were medicine.

Nonetheless, I’m pleased to have been considered.

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