Crying is healthy, and the government in UK knows about the problem with benzodiazepines: Monday news and blogs

  • Brooke Siler: Stress Relief: Why Crying Supports Emotional WellnessMany people who withdraw from psychiatric drugs discover that they can once again cry. It’s almost universally met with joy.Professor Roger Baker, a consultant clinical psychologist and visiting professor at Bournemouth University, told the UK’s Daily Mail that “crying is the transformation of distress into something tangible, and that the process itself helps to reduce the feeling of trauma.”
  • Ministers declare war on Britain’s tranquilliser crisis – UK Politics, UK – The Independent — This is just as serious a problem in the US and likely to involve a much greater number of people (in terms of percent of population) I make this assumption based on the fact that in the US psychiatric drugs in general are routinely handed out more quickly. I don’t actually have the stats to back myself up. I do however have the experience with thousands of accidental addicts online. In the US there is virtually no awareness of the problem. From the above article: “Ministers are poised to demand a dramatic reduction in the millions of tranquillisers prescribed in the UK every year, amid growing concerns about the long-term effects on patients who become addicted to them. — A review of the problem of patient addiction – campaigners claim about 1.5 million people are affected – is expected to recommend a huge decrease in the availability of benzodiazepine tranquillisers, including Valium.” For more information on benzodiazepines, addiction and iatrogenisis from them and the often devastating withdrawal process see here.

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