Today in Ireland John Hunt’s story of psychiatric abuse captures the nation…

The incarceration of John: Free John, Psychiatric Prisoner. He has family who love him and have many resources to help him. There is quite a bit of back story here on this blog

Today Grainne’s hard work campaigning for her partner has resulted in the story reaching the front page of the international paper in Ireland. Following are those stories in today’s paper.

  • Experts slam use of drugs to ‘contain’ mentally ill Irish Examiner — PEOPLE with mental illnesses who are not improving are being “contained” with medication in mental health facilities which do not provide them with any solution for their condition, mental health lawyers have warned. While providing absolutely no therapeutic treatment that might aid in their successful release.
  • System fails John as cry for freedom falls on deaf ears — Irish Examiner — He is no criminal, but after passing the day with family and friends, he was forced to return to his place of residence for the last four and a half years — a psychiatric intensive care unit in Cork city where he is being detained under the Mental Health Act as an involuntary patient.
  • Involuntary admissions – Doctors must show proof No self-respecting society should compel vulnerable citizens to vegetate behind locked doors, but this is effectively what is happening to some people suffering mental illness. They are being sedated with drugs and kept in psychiatric units with no therapeutic treatment and thus little real hope of overcoming their illnesses.

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