Mothers and children and chemicals in our environment (and pharmaceuticals)

In the United States alone there are 85 million women who all share one thing in common, they are mothers. Often times they have more than one child, and as they are the most important force for change in this country, they will play a vital role in how we view chemicals now and into the future.

These mothers are concerned about environmental toxins. Most of the tens of thousands of chemicals used have not been studied or researched. We have no idea what we are putting in and on our bodies everyday.

This onslaught of environmental toxins includes pharmaceuticals as well. Psychopharmaceuticals are all neurotoxic.

Many people who study and live with chronic illness believe that toxicity and exposure to toxins over many years at least in part lead to a lot of these illnesses. I certainly see a lot of evidence of that fact in my life and in the lives of those I work with as a result of having become ill from the neurotoxicity of pharma. Our bodies did not evolve to be assaulted with all these substances.

I’ve posted another video from Unacceptable levels here:  Chemicals in our food, in our cosmetics and body products and in the environment: Unacceptable levels

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