“Little bottles” music video — Psychiatric criticism

Daniel Mackler’s fun and telling music video. He is the director of the awesome film Take These Broken Wings.

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  1. Naturalgal: Towards the end of the course, I had a rather long and in-depth discussion with my therapist about psychiatry as such, and the drugs in particular. She replied to my criticism: “Yeah, but a number of even my colleagues are actually taking antidepressants.” As if it could in any way justify the use of these drugs, that “even” psychotherapists pop them. I told her straight, that I regarded those, who did, as unfit to work as therapists.

    Another story is, that I know about a Swiss shrink (Brigitte Woggon), who roundhandedly hands out all kinds of psych drugs not only to her “patients”, but also to any member of her family, who ever happens to have the tiniest emotional problem, while she also pops them herself.

  2. oh, yeah, I’m sure a ton of docs take antidepressants especially and benzos too, I’m sure….and stuff like that, but no, I wouldn’t imagine there are hardly any taking neuroleptics.

  3. Cute.

    Is it true, as his lyrics say, that the docs take this pills too? I thought most docs did NOT. I always have said the docs OUGHT to, so they can know first hand about the side-effects.

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