A brief diet and nutrition primer–Hyla Cass

Hyla Cass, MD is a psychiatrist, and integrative medical practitioner.  She was recently interviewed by Dr. Mehmet Oz as part of the Oprah and Friends series, and appeared on Oprah Radio today to discuss the role of vitamins and minerals as well as diet:

Listen to the interview here.

This is a very simplified, but solid little explanation of how nutrients and supplementation work. It’s a good introduction. You CAN’T go around eating crappy food and expecting a few cheapo vitamins from your local drugstore to heal you. But if you eat a healthy and wholesome diet and know what you are doing with supplements your well-being can change dramatically.

You might think that my saying that is rather ridiculous being that I’m unwell. But I’m unwell because of toxic drug poisoning. I’ve cured my psoriasis, I’ve cured chronic and severe irritable bowel syndrome, I’ve greatly improved my endometriosis, I sleep well even while withdrawing from psych meds, when most people simply don’t. My hair and finger nails are stronger. I could continue I’m sure if i gave it some thought. My body undeniably responds to what I put in it.

My health, while greatly challenged in some ways, has greatly improved in others and I can only attribute those changes to my diet and supplementation. Had I known what I know now when psychiatry entered my life, I would never had taken psych meds and I would be healthy in all ways.

For an article on how I eat see here.


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