Your brain needs vacation, meditation, and prescription drug addiction soars: Saturday news and blogs

  • Why Your Brain Needs a Break | Psychology Today We need vacations. They recharge us, allowing us to be more efficient. The trouble is, too many of the vacations we take these days aren’t vacations at all. — Americans work more than anyone else. In fact, we work 100 hours more per year than the famously nose-to-grindstone Japanese. And we put in up to three months a year more than Europeans.
  • Meditation helps increase attention span — Science Daily — It’s nearly impossible to pay attention to one thing for a long time. A new study looks at whether Buddhist meditation can improve a person’s ability to be attentive and finds that meditation training helps people do better at focusing for a long time on a task that requires them to distinguish small differences between things they see.
  • More Americans Abusing Prescription Painkillers – HealthDayNews at Yahoo –“Substance abuse treatment admissions for non-medical use of prescription pain relievers have increased more than 400 percent over 10 years, according to a new government study released Thursday.” Of course there are a whole lot of people who are addicted to legally prescribed prescription drugs too and often don’t even know it. This is a societal wide problem and it effects those who obtain drugs legally as well as those who obtain them illegally.

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