I had an email correspondence from someone, most of which I couldn’t even read as my cognitive functioning and ability to read blocks of dense writing is greatly challenged. I do feel I need to make a response however, without having fully grasped or read his complaints.

He has some sort of science background and takes issue with the pieces I’ve printed on GABA/glutamate that are written by people like me in withdrawal who are struggling to understand our experience. The fact is I have no idea if they know what they are talking about. I have, however ran those articles by people I know with some scientific background including a doctor of neuro-psych and they’ve seemed to think my friends are onto something.

That being said, this reader seems to think I’m way off base in printing this stuff. I am always explicit about the fact that I do not have a scientific background. I am a layperson and on top of it at this time I’m severely impaired which is hard for people to grasp or understand since I manage to pump out this blog.

Most of what I do here is perfunctory tasks for which I have well developed neuro-pathways. I do not have what it takes to tease out this issue. I print lots of stuff here simply for consideration. And so it was with those pieces.

I do not have my email address easily accessible on this site because I am not well enough to correspond. This person managed to reach me.

As far as I can tell when it comes to even science there generally is room to take issue with just about anything.

When I am once again well I can better respond to these sorts of issues. For now this is the way it is. I have always been clear about my limitations.

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