Driving while medicated…

A very controversial topic that people on meds don’t want to consider. Are you a safe driver? I WAS NOT! I even told my doctor I was dangerous. You know what his response was? “Don’t say that to me again or I’ll be forced to take away your license.”

I actually chose to stop driving after I hit a parked car once when I was feeling rather hazy. That wasn’t until I was in withdrawals though.  The fact is I shouldn’t have been driving for a good 15 years or more while on “medications.” One more reason I’m very glad I’m finally free of them. This is an issue that most people are simply not willing to be honest about and it’s a serious problem.

Not everyone on medications are at risk for driving badly, I’m not saying that. However I know I was totally dangerous but because I had to get to work and live my life I made the decision to drive. I lived in fear that I would hurt someone, but generally had it pretty well pushed back in my mind. I often found myself swerving and doing other dangerous things because I was foggy headed and couldn’t concentrate. Really. I don’t imagine I was alone in that experience. I also imagine a good number of people aren’t as aware as I was…others simply might not admit it.

Drivers on Prescription Drugs Are Hard to Convict – NYTimes.com — The driver could not keep her eyes open during an interview with investigators, according to the complaint against her, and her speech was slow and slurred. But the driver told the police that she had not been drinking; instead, the complaint said, she had taken several prescription medications, including a sedative and a muscle relaxant. — She was charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs — an increasingly common offense, law enforcement officials say, at a time when drunken-driving deaths are dropping and when prescriptions for narcotic painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, sleep aids and other powerful drugs are rampant. read the rest

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