The new good life

A book by John Robbins.

Below is the preface of the book which sets a good tone:

Who’s the weathiest person you’ve ever known?

Most of us, when asked that question, think of the people we’ve known who were richest in monetary wealth.

But what if we asked the question differently?

In terms of what really makes life worth living, who’s the wealthiest person you’ve ever known? Have you known anyone who has truly made the world a better place? Have you known anyone whose life is so filled with joy, who cares so deeply, who loves so richly that-whether or not they are financially abundant-their lives are a blessing to the rest of us?

When we say someone is a ‘success’, what do we mean? Do we mean that she or he is an emotionally balanced loving human being? Do we mean that this person is creative and artistic and adds beauty to the world?

Not usually. Instead, most of us reserve the word ‘success’ for people who have made a lot of money.

This is how we impoverish ourselves.

This is why we need a new vision of the good life.

The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less

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