America – the antidepressant nation?

A recent study on antidepressants has shown that the drugs have some serious side effects: those taking certain prescriptions could lose their sex drive. It sounds like the whole nation’s sexuality is under a threat as, according to the statistics, one in ten Americans takes antidepressants. And it’s not only libido people are losing – many of these meds induce anxiety and double the risk of suicide. Psychologist and author Bruce Levine joins RT’s Liz Wahl to discuss the issue.

h/t  Mad in America

This video says that 255 million prescriptions were written in a year in the US. Since these drugs can also cause violence I wondered the other day: What happens when a small percentage of the MULTI MILLIONS of people on one of these medications go over the edge? Too often people just think these people are “crazy.” Well, there has been lots of evidence that suggests it might be the drugs they’re taking that send them over the edge.

And it’s worth remembering too that the chemical imbalance myth has been busted:  Chemical imbalance myth takes a big public fall (no, antidepressants do NOT correct an imbalance of serotonin, nor do other psychiatric drugs correct anything at all)

Bruce Levine’s work on Beyond Meds:

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