NOTHING ABOUT US Without Us—Judi Chamberlin

Judi Chamberlin is one of the leaders of the survivor movement and the search for alternatives for psychiatry and her life is being celebrated today in the Boston Globe. Thanks Marian. Judi’s blog post on her interview is here.

And there is an excerpt to her the Boston Globe below:


That is the motto of a grass-roots movement that has carried various names over the last generation, but has always revolved around a single principle: self-determination for people diagnosed with mental illness. Call them psychiatric patients or consumers or survivors, they are fighting together to gain more control over their treatment, and more say in the mental health system overall. And they have won some striking successes in recent years, gaining more input into official policy and creating new jobs for people who, 12-step-style, have recovered from the worst of their illness and now want to help others in crisis.

The mother of that movement, many people would say, is Judi Chamberlin of Arlington.

Chamberlin was hospitalized against her will for depression in 1966, and shocked by how she was treated. Her seminal book, “On Our Own: Patient-Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System,” came out in 1978, and became a manifesto for the movement. Chamberlin’s activism for patients’ rights spanned the next 31 years, and evolved with the history of mental health treatment in this country. (read the rest here)

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  1. Gianna,
    I’m just overwhelmed by this woman’s bravery and level of suffering! After all she’s gone through and accomplished, it sure doesn’t seem fair for her to be dying of lung cancer at 64. And since I’m 59, I find it terrifying!

    Alas…I’m trying to learn that life isn’t always fair, but it’s tough for me.


  2. BG?? I’m rather dull right now? what are you talking about?

    no not synchronicity, pure copying what you found first…

    what I don’t understand is why I didn’t see it because I have a boston globe health feed…I guess it wasn’t under health…I didn’t look though

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