Two very kind honors in one day…

Both Rossa Forbes and Kris Ulland posted little notes of appreciation to me today. Please check out both of their very inspirational and insightful blogs.

Both are mothers of adult children who have been labeled with psychiatric diagnosis. Both mothers have come to realize that psychiatric treatment made both their children’s circumstances worse, while having come to wonder if there is any veracity in the system of labeling people. Both are fearless warriors doing all they can to help both themselves and their children grow through their experiences with the psychiatric establishment.

They have all that in common but their blogs and experiences are very different and so it’s worth seeing how different people come to these conclusions.

I have to say I miss the regular communication I had with bloggers in comments very much as well as most correspondence in email. I find that it’s necessary as I can’t keep up with the volume of comments in moderation. So I keep my blog rolling but miss out on a lot of the camaraderie I had with my wonderful fellow bloggers.

So this was just delightful. And thanks so very much.

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