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Updated 12/2014

I did a post on coping methods for withdrawal syndrome in December. Traffic goes way down during the holiday months so I though I’d highlight it here again as I make it available in the archive system I’ve set up.

As well as having lots of explanatory commentary it also links to many other posts with ideas for coping with what becomes a chronic and acute illness for some of us upon withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. While perhaps not the norm, it’s sadly far from unusual, if you frequent the withdrawal forums online.

Some of the suggestions can be helpful for other chronic conditions too. I’ve noticed that many of the new subscribers to Beyond Meds are part of the chronic illness community. There is much crossover.

●  Toolbox coping with psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes  (and some chronic pain and/or illness too)

Since I’m attending to the archives I thought I should also highlight another piece that is very important that was written towards the end of last year. A problem that goes unrecognized. It can actually be quite dangerous if people are not aware of their sensitivities. Doctors are rarely aware of the possibility of this occurring. If we are struck with it it’s very important that your medical team be well aware of it. I got a flooding of positive responses from people who’d never seen their problem articulated.

●  Multiple drug sensitivity — the outcome of grossly over-prescribed medications — this often includes sensitivities to a supplements too.

While I’m at it I’ll list the whole navigation system. For easy reference it’s always listed on the sidebar to the right here on the blog. I continue to work on presenting the archives in some sort of reasonable fashion for easy access. There are close to 3,000 posts on the blog now, many of which remain topical. It’s an ongoing job and some of it is always under construction.

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There is also now a bookstore via Amazon where you can get more information about issues on Beyond Meds while also supporting the work that is done here: Visit the BOOKSTORE 

Some subjects covered in the bookstore:

I will continue working on the bookstore as well.

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